Frequently Asked Questions

Are there SAS at departures ?


Marathon :

  • Yellow : elite
  • Red : 2:30 - 3:00 
  • Blue : 3:00 – 3:30
  • Orange : 3:30 – 4:00
  • Pink : 4:00  - 5:00
  • Green : 5:00 – 6:00

Half marathon :

  • Yellow : elite
  • Red : 1:15 - 1:30    
  • Blue : 1:30 – 1:45
  • Orange : 1:45 – 2:00
  • Pink : 2:00-2:15

10K :

  • Yellow : elite
  • Red : below 40 min
  • White : 40 min – 60 min
  • Black : 60 min and more

How do I download my medical certificate after registering?

Here is the link allowing you to submit a certificate after your registration: CERTIFICATE.

Bring two items:

  • the unique registration number provided in the confirmation email
  • the email address with which you registered

Are there showers on site ?

Yes, there are changing rooms and showers at the Tabora sports center (arrival site), around 100 showers.

Can someone other than me collect my bib ?

Yes, upon presentation of a copy of the identity card or the bib allocation email.

When and where can I collect my bib ?

Your bib can be collected from the Trakks store of your choice from 21 March 2024 for any registration validated no later than 6 March 2024. The choice of store is final upon registration and cannot be modified.

Your bib is personalized (inscription of your first name and nationality flag) if complete registration is completed no later than March 6, 2024. Beyond this date, only the number is indicated.

Full registration means: payment has been made and a medical certificate validated.

Any bib assignment is firm and definitive.

No bibs will be sent by post.

If I have a license from an athletic (or triathlon and duathlon) federation, do I need to provide a medical certificate ?

No. You can download a copy of your license.

If you are not Belgian, we accept foreign licenses.

Is the medical certificated obligatory ?

The medical certificate is obligatory for the marathon and the half-marathon. You can download the template HERE. Without the medical certificate you will not be able to start.

No medical certificate required for 10K.

Is there a bag drop space ?

Organized and easily accessible drop bag spaces are provided at the start of each race. Your bags must be numbered with the detachable bracelet on your bib. The lockers will be organized and numbered using semi-trailers for storage.

Your bag can be collected after arrival at Namur Expo.

Can I transfer my registration to another distance ?

We authorize the transfer of your registration to another race until 15 March inclusive.

This means that we refund the difference if you decide to register for a shorter distance and we charge you the difference if you decide to register for a longer distance.

Can I bring my medical certificate on race day ?

Yes, only if you register on the day of the race.

Otherwise, the medical certificate must be uploaded to your registration form.

How to reach the start?

For each race, shuttles will be organized to take you to the starting line. Relief parking lots will also be provided near the starting points of the Baloise Half-Marathon and the 10K KickCancer. For the Baloise Namur Marathon, parking will not be authorized but we have enough shuttles to take you to the start with the useful infrastructure on site.

Marathon runners and 10K runners will be transported by shuttle bus. Half-marathoners will be transported by train (Namur-Lustin), no stop at Jambes. There are two train shuttles and we favor the first to register on the shuttle whose schedule will be closest to departure.

Schedules will be communicated later in 2024 and early enough to allow you to organize yourself.

Are places limited for the marathon, half-marathon and 10K?

Yes, we will welcome a maximum of 7.000 runners. Please see the regulation for details.

Are the half-marathon and marathon routes homologated ?

Yes. Both courses were measured by the official bodies of the Belgian Francophone League.

The 10k isn’t measured officially. 

Are there toilets at departures ? and about the supplies ?

Yes, there are sufficient toilets at each departure and at each supply.

Is running with a dog allowed ?


Can I bring my certificate when collecting my bib at the Trakks store of my choice ?

No. The certificate must be uploaded to your registration form. You can download the template HERE.