Green project

The organization of the Baloise Namur Marathon is committed to an ecological approach and sustainable development by :

  • Ensuring full waste recovery along the route.
  • Removing as much as possible disposable drinking cups.
  • Establishing supplies without bottle and from water reserves.
  • Integrating the associative and educational fabric of the Province of Namur (sports clubs, associations, schools, etc.).

The eco-responsibility charter of the Baloise Namur Marathon:

  • Respect the routes by being aware that these are spaces shared by all.
  • Use whenever possible containers for collecting waste (packaging ...) and this close to the supplies to facilitate the work of volunteers and sorting of waste (failure to respect this rule will result in the disqualification of the runner).
  • Favor public transport and / or carpooling.
  • Commit yourself to be responsible for your actions before, during and after the race.
  • Respect the other competitors, the volunteers of the organization and all the people crossed during the race.
  • Do not use any prohibited substance that may artificially alter physical or mental abilities during the race.